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These quality hand crafted gluten-free pastry products are freshly prepared in our
dedicated gluten-free kitchen

You can purchase our gluten-free all butter pastry cases in
savoury, plain or sweet versions. Dairy free also available.

These gluten free pastry cases are great for batch filling and freezing,
and the pastry remains crisp even after freezing!

All natural ingredients – no nasty additives – just great taste

Keep them in your store cupboard. They have a shelf life
of six weeks at ambient temperature.

10cm cases supplied in packs of 6 for £6

2.5" (mince pie size) – packs of 12 for £6

Canape size (4cm) – packs of 12 for £6

No minimum order

Sample pack available for £5 (including postage)
(includes £5 coupon for when you place an order over £20)

Large quantities available, please email me for details.


Please see my other gluten-free products at www.christinespuddings.co.uk

Our gluten-free products are available direct from us and can be despatched
by post or courier. To place an order, or for more information,
please call Christine on 01258 472010 or send her an email tartemaison@christinespuddings.co.uk

Tarte Maison is part of Christine's Puddings in Sturminster Newton, Dorset